Security Basic Skills Course  


How to Protect Yourself from Hackers


The Security Basic Skills course offers the following:

  • a general understanding on cyber attacks and hackers,
  • hacker techniques on Social Engineering methods,
  • phishing, malware, and virus attack information,
  • email and messaging dangers,and
  • ways to defend against cyber attacks.

The Security Basic Skills course provides a basic overview on cyber attacks and ways to protect yourself from illegal access. This course specifically presents the various ways that a cyber criminal or hacker attempts to penetrate and infect a computer network or personal handheld device in order to steal information, ask for ransom, disable, or control a device. Beyond learning the most common cyber attacks and techniques, the course also presents preventive measure and actions a person can take to protect and defend themselves from a cyber attacker.

The lessons learned through this course expose students to the do's and don'ts of daily computer use and ways to protect for cyber theft. These are lessons that protect students from identity theft, monetary theft, and information/data theft that serve a benefit for the long-term use of computers and the Internet.

The Security Basic Skills course is a fundamentals course for students interested in information technology, network defense, computer hardening, computer and network protection, essential skills in defending against cyber criminals, basic knowledge against identity theft, monetary theft, and data theft.

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Table of Contents

      Data Security Overview

      Hacker Targets



      Attack Methods

      Security Training

      Security Definition

      Hacker Definition

      Incident Response Plan

      IRP Action Plan

      Social Engineering




      Quid Pro Quo

      Social Engineering Recommendations

      Email Cyber Attacks

      Messaging Attacks

      Preventing Attacks






Required Materials:

Cybersecurity Online Workbook: COW: Hacking Basics, $16.95 (required)
167 pages, ISBN-13: 979-8815897984

Cyber Basics: An Introduction to Cybersecurity, $9.99 (required)
53 pages, ISBN-13: 979-8378057221