Digital Citizenship Course  


How to Safetly Navigate the Digital World


The Digital Citizenship course prepares students to use technology responsibly and in a safe defensive way. This course provides a clear understanding on the dangers of the Internet and ways to stay safe against hacking, identity theft, and other digital dangers. The Digital Citizenship course offers the following:

  • an understanding of proper Internet and social media use,
  • proper online behavior techniques,
  • issues with Internet safety and security, and
  • knowing what to share and not share online.

The Digital Citizenship course is structured as a core fundamental course that teaches students the proper use of technology. This includes desktop computers, hand-held devices such as laptops an smartphones, use of the Internet, and the most significant and of great concern, appropriate use and behavior on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and others.

This course provides guided instructions on what is considered appropriate and inappropriate behavior for sharing and posting information; ways that students can protect themselves from harm on the Internet and through social media; and tactics to minimize and hopefully prevent online bullying. The course includes information on the nine elements of digital citizenship: etiquette, literacy, access. security, health and wellness, commerce, communication, rights and responsibilities and law.

The Digital Citizenship course is an essential course for students. It will teach students how to be a responsible user of technology within all aspects of technology.

The Digital Citizenship courses was specifically developed for individuals to learn and undertstand how to responsibly use technology and the ways that social media and technology can affect a persons daily activities and rational.

The Digital Citizenship course is the most important course any student can take to protect them from harmful situations and to learn correct and healthy use of technology.

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