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IoT Control refers to the ability that technology has created for devices to continuously monitor and track an individual's daily activities. Specifically, IoT control is evident and can be found in almost everything that surrounds you in your home, school, department store, and streets.

Monitoring occurs through home, street, and department security systems, which translates into all the cameras that are constantly watching where we go and what we do. Tracking also occurs with an individual's activity, for example the way a fitness smart watch tracks the number of steps a person takes, or health wise by tracking blood pressure and heart rate. Other common tracking devices monitor the movement in a room or outside the house such as how a home security system with a video doorbell tracks any movement and sound that occurs at the front door.

IoT Control also includes devices that are constantly listening to our voice commands in order to function an activity, for example cell phone virtual assistants such as iPhone's Siri or Amazon's Alexa. Smart Cities track the car movements on the street, or the gas fumes in the area to monitor the car's exhaust which emit hydrocarbons, which is a toxic compound of hydrogen and carbon.

IoT Control allows devices to capture information for automatic decisions or to store the information for future decision-making processes.