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When considering how important the evolution of IoT technology is and will be for the future, it can only be stated that the world as we now live will change dramatically as this technology is further developed. As IoT becomes a greater aspect in the day-to-day activities of our lives, many changes intended to make life easier will gradually appear all around our houses, streets, and cities.

Smartphones and tablet devices connected to the Internet reached 12.5 billion, while the world's population increased to 6.8 billion, making the number of connected devices per person more than one, at 1.84.

The evolution, or the next generation of the Internet is IoT with its unique abilities of collecting, analyzing, and distributing data. This massive data congregation is converted into knowledge meant to make our lives better and easier. The near future will bring automation to great levels, from automated self-driving automobiles to a fully self-functioning home that regulates its temperature, window shades, security system, and automated kitchen appliances.

The relevance of the Internet of Things (IoT) in today's world is of the most significance.

If projections are anywhere near accu¬rate, IoT is going to become much more widespread.

IoT dominance in society is clearly exponentially developing as this technology evolves with smaller sensors, faster connectivity, and reliable data processing.

This is amazingly paving the way for a much in demand industry that needs human resources.

The technology industry, specifically for IoT development, has started to demand knowledgeable students with hands-on experience designing and building IoT devices. This demand will continue to increase, creating a need for students to meet the necessary skills of tomorrows workforce.

These highly sought-after skills include the configuration, design, and development of IoT devices that can perform a variety of tracking, monitoring and other automated functions. Therefore, the need to understand the IoT process, how IoT devices are put together, what they do and how they function is a necessary part for your future success!