IoT Fundamentals Course  


What is IoT and How is it Used


The IoT Fundamentals course offers the following:

  • a perspective as to how IoT functions,
  • the basic elements of IoT devices,
  • general electronics fundamentals, and
  • extensive case study analysis with project development and hands-on activity.

The IoT Fundamentals course presents a general understanding of all the core concepts used in Internet of Things (IoT) development. Students are exposed to an overview of what IoT represents, including concepts regarding programming and device sensors.

Additionally, students will acquire a sense of IoT in practical use with clearly defined cases studies that focus on real world IoT application and environmental sustainability uses.

Students will also learn the fundamental aspects of electronics and the various components used in the IoT device development phase.

The IoT courses are specifically developed as an introductiory course for anyone interested in learning and understanding this technology, offering an academic pathway to software engineering, computer science, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and other academic fields.

Note: The IoT Fundamentals Course requires additional materials. This includes the textbook, which is used in all three IoT courses, and the IoT projects kit. Both of these are ordered separately and are not included as part of the course.

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Table of Contents

      Introduction to IoT

      IoT Control

      Information Gathering

      Automation Robotics


      Automation Robotics Defined

      IoT Definition & Functionality

      IoT Process

      IoT Use Examples

      IoT Relevance

      IoT Defined

      Internet & WWW

      Evolution of the Internet

      Introduction to IoT

      Future of IoT

      IoT Components

      Data Collection

      IoT Benefits & Threats

      IoT in Animal Preservation Case Study

      Animal Preservation IoT Practical Use

      IoT Case Studies

      Electronics Overview





      Diodes, Capacitors, & Transistors

      Circuit Boards & Switches

Required Materials:


The Internet of Things (IoT): A Primer on Technology for Young Adults Developing the Future, $16.95 (required)
218 pages, ISBN-10: 1671731816, ISBN-13: 978-1671731813

The optional IoT projects kit for the IoT courses is:

SparkFun Tinker Kit (optional)

The IoT Fundamentals Course is the perfect starter course for students to obtain a general perspective on the IoT world.