Innovation Tech Academy
Mission and Vision Statement  

About Us

Innovation Tech Academy strives to provide middle and highschool students, specifically minority Hispanics, African-Americans, and Women, which are the most underrepresented demographic groups in the technology areas of computer engineering and computer science, an opportunity to learn about the academic fields of cybersecurity, internet of things, and computer science through technology-related online courses and programs.


According to several 2020 studies on minorities in the U.S. technology sector, African-American, Hispanic, and Native-Americans make up less than 5% of the workforce at major tech companies. This is particularly concerning considering that the proportion of people using a computer at work was 80.5 percent for people in managerial and professional specialty occupations and 70.5 percent for people in technical, sales, and administrative support occupations.


When considering that the top in-demand jobs for 2021 are in the area of information security, cloud computing, big data, networking, and system security professionals, it is essential that groups in these underserved communities are offered an opportunity to obtain the necessary technology skills to compete for these jobs.



Innovation Tech Academy (ITA) is a non-for-profit that provides technology-related online courses to students in the areas of cybersecurity, digital citizenship, internet of things, ethical hacking and other technology related areas.


ITA’s mission is to create user-friendly technology courses that teach and impact young adults from various minority backgrounds and underserved communities, providing much needed exposure and awareness at a young age to motivate and inspire academic and professional pathways. 



Our vision is to embolden underrepresented communities with the essential technological skills to strive for academic pathways in technology-related fields that will diversify the digital workforce and economy.



Innovation Tech Academy (ITA) was establish in 2017 as a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) online school to provide intermediate and secondary school students access to technology related course.


ITA was established by three hispanic university professors who experienced the difficuties and comlexities of academia as a member of an underrepresented group. Incorporating over 30 years of teaching experience from the public school level, college, and unversity level, ITA's founders have miticulously structured the online courses to best serve student interests.

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