The following courses are currently being offered at Innovation Tech Academy. Below is the course name, course duration, and cost for each course. Payment in full is required in order to enter an online course. Once payment has been received, you will receive further instructions and a pass code to login to the student course portal.

Thank you for your consideration regarding our online program for your supplemental educational needs.

IoT Fundamentals Course
14 weeks


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IoT Analytics and Security Course
10 weeks


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IoT Programming and Connectivity Course
15 weeks


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Network Security Course
8 weeks


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Hacking Basics Course
10 weeks


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Digital Citizenship Course
10 weeks


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* The IoT Courses require additional materials not included as part of the course cost. Click here for details.

Multi-Child Discounts: 

A 15% discount is offered for multi-child registration on all courses offered by Innovation Tech Academy (some restrictions apply). Contact Innovation Tech Academy at for further information.

School or Organization Membership: 

This discount is for a school or organization that has more than 10 students enrolled at the same time. It provides access to the portal as well as a customized page for your school or organization. Please email us to obtain additional information at

Individual Annual Membership: 

The annual membership includes all courses offered throughout the year for a one time fee of $600.

Las Angelas Scholarship Program

The Las Angelas Scholarship (LAS) Program was created in 2019 for low-income and working class families, extending support to middle-income families that wish to expose their children to a technology guided academic pathway. The LAS Program gives parents and families an opportunity for free courses at Innovation Tech Academy. To qualify for the LAS program simply complete the scholarship application by clicking below.


Contact Innovation Tech Academy at for further instructions and deadlines for applying for the LAS program.



  • The course costs must be paid in full 1 week prior to the start of classes.
  • Payments received after the start of classes will result in the student be removed from the course.
  • A refund can only be obtained before classes begin. Once a course has started, there are no refunds for payments or deposits. (No exceptions).
  • There is a $35.00 dollar fee for returned checks for non-sufficient funds. Moreover, we will only accept payments made with cash, cashier check and/or money order thereafter.
  • Application fee, course costs, or any other payments will NOT BE RETURNED if you or your child withdraws, quits, or is suspended.