Internet Security Course -

Computer Safety and avoiding dangers from the Internet


The Internet Security course offers the following:

  • a general understanding on cyber attacks and hackers,
  • details on common browser and social networking attacks,
  • general guidelines and use regarding passwords and passphrases, and
  • ways to protect your computer and WiFi hardening.

The Internet Security course presents examples of cyber attacks along with a basic understanding on browser security issues. This course focuses on a common hacker attack method known as Social Engineering with examples and general protection guidelines. Furthermore, you will obtain a good understanding of proper password and passphrase use, along with general skills to protect your personal computer from hackers and ways to harden a Wi-Fi system against cyber intrusion.

The lessons learned through this course expose students to the do's and don'ts of daily Internet use and ways to protect against a cyber attack. These lessons protect against identity theft, monetary theft, and information/data theft that serve a benefit for the long-term use of computers and the Internet.

The Internet Security course is a fundamentals course for students interested in information technology, network defense, computer hardening, computer and network protection, essential skills in defending against cyber criminals, basic knowledge against identity theft, monetary theft, and data theft.

The required textbook for the courses is:


Cybersecurity Online Workbook: COW: Hacking Basics, $16.95 (required)
167 pages, ISBN-13: 979-8815897984