What are hackers and how do they steal information

Online Hacking Basics Course

($149.00 / 6 week course)

The Hacking Basics course prepares students to enroll in an entry level college course in the area of Computer Science or Computer Engineering for a Bachelors in Cyber Security, Bachelors in Information Technology, or for a Bachelors in Computer Science. 

The Hacking Basics course offers the following:

  • ways that a hacker penetrates a web server, network or computer
  • understanding of cyber criminal activities,
  • learn tools and methods used for cyber attacks,
  • acquire preventive techniques to defend against cyber attacks.

The Hacking Basics course presents the various ways hackers can penetrate computer network systems and methods to confront such attacks. This course specifically presents the various ways that a cyber criminal or hacker attempts to penetrate and infect a computer network or personal handheld device in order to steal information, ask for ransom, disable, or control a device. Beyond learning the most common cyber attacks and techniques, the course also presents preventive measure and actions a person can take to protect and defend themselves from a cyber attacker.

The lessons learned through this course expose students to the do's and don'ts of daily computer use and ways to protect from cyber theft. These are lessons that protect students from identity theft, monetary theft, and information/data theft that serve a benefit for the long-term use of computers and the Internet.

The Hacking Basics course is a basic introductory course for students interested in learning the techniques of how a hacker penetrates a web server, network, or computer in order to provide a broad understanding on how to defend against these types of cyber attacks.

The Hacking Basics course specifically developed as an introductiory course for anyone interested in learning and understanding the essentials, the what, how, and why, of hacking, offering an academic pathway to software engineering, computer science, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and other academic fields.

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