Innovation Tech Academy's mission is to engage students in a curriculum that promotes appropriate and proper technology use along with digital citizenship in an environment that fosters creativity and effective communication skills. The Academy is committed to individualized teaching that develops superior, independent, creative thinkers that evolve into lifelong learners. Innovation Tech Academy is devoted to developing the unique gifts and talents of each student in a nurturing environment that promotes academic excellence, technological responsibility, global understanding, and moral character.


Innovation Tech Academy strives to provide all students, specifically minority Hispanics, African-Americans, and women, which are the most underrepresented demographic groups in the technology areas of computer engineering and computer science, an opportunity to learn from these academic fields. This vision is promoted through the Las Angelas Scholarship (LAS) Program. This program was created in 2019 for low-income and working class students, extending support to Hispanics, African-Americans, and women that wish to enter a technology academic pathway. The LAS Program gives parents and families an opportunity for free courses at Innovation Tech Academy.

The objective is that if students are exposed to these fields at an early age, it will foster the ability to pursue an academic career in these fields. We live in a world where communication and technology are prominent. Students need guidance to navigate the digital era while working in projects that develop critical thinking skills, originality, and creativity. Innovation Tech Academy provides the following goals within the course offerings:

  • students use technology tools to obtain a greater understanding of possibilities
  • students are transitioned into augmenting critical thinking skills
  • technology tools are used to facilitate higher order learning activities
  • courses are structured along project-based learning, when possible, to augment collaboration and communication
  • course are set to foster creativity and problem-solving skills
  • students are encouraged to explore and independently use a variety technology tools
  • students are engaged in the responsible and safe use of technology, specifically in the areas of social media and mobile technology

Innovation Tech Academy’s driving objectives is the application of developing Internet of Things technology and Network Security, for K-12 students. Towards these objectives, the combination and synergy of computational thinking skills and IoT technology possess the greatest impact to develop the next generation of scientists to solve the planet’s environmental needs and daily economic challenges. Innovation Tech Academy aims to prepare K-12 students on using IoT technology, applying computational thinking to challenge their abilities in conceptualizing and furthering this technology. Students are motivated to work through concepts and challenges where they apply analytical and critical thinking to arrive at solutions.